Thanks for the music, time to move on

Hello. Been here for awhile, but alas, it’s time to go. The last working FAW, the kospet prime, decided to start flickering after 15 mins of rain. It’s been days and it won’t go away even in a ricebag and opened. This watch lasted about 8 months, the one before (KP2) lasting 4 months.
My lemfo also lasting less than 12 months and zeblaze too. At this time I have switched platform to WearOS with a known brand because honestly, at this rate it’s not going to be sustainable. Thank you so much lads for your time. If I ever get around to releasing some other watchfaces that require clockskin convertion, then I will!



@R_Sauvalle Sorry to see you go mate! :sob: I still use that “Poker” face that you made for me on my Kospet…and I have very much enjoyed the “Verbal sparring” we have engaged in in a large number of posts. But hey, call back once in a while and say “Hi” just so we know your still above ground, ok? :crazy_face: :rofl: Cheers, Doons

I’m going to Wear OS as well, just waiting for Ticwatch Pro 4 or even better Samsung Galaxy 4 which I’ve herd is going Wear OS and Blood Glucose monitor.

Gave up on seeing Rollme Hero/Hero Pro.Its been a year wait. Now with LEMFO 15 is $249 to $271 and no water proofing need I say more…

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