Text to speech on Kospet prime

Hello All I asked this before but didnt get any answer so here goes again, I’m trying to set up text to speech but cant find a way of doing it on the smart watch, I can test text to speech but to use it from an aplication ie whatsapp or sms, I cant figure how to do this, when I do a search most users say you go into accessability to anable it but as we all know the smartwatch accessability menu is missing or hidden, I can change the font size for sms but cant change it for whatsapp, so my other choice was to have the phone convert it to speech, speech to text works brilliant. Anyone on here use or know how to use text to speech? I tried installing text to speech apps but these apps only ask you to type something in then convert it to speech, whats the point in that? If this cant be done does anyone know how to increase the font size on whatsapp? It worked flawless on the thor pro

Settings Search will help you get into the accessibility settings

you may want to try using macrodroid

i use it on my phone to dictate text to speech for all incoming notifications, should work the same on the watch.(although i haven’t tried) set up a macro, select the language, select the specific notification.

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