Tethering to smartwatches - more information The following comments have been left over on

Tethering to smartwatches - more information

The following comments have been left over on SWT, and I wanted to echo them here just in case the posters don’t get around to doing it themselves. Perhaps @sonia_sophie_ataunna can comment on this with her experience using the recommended app. Hoping this will work for all these wonderful Android 5.1 watches using the lame Sinwear app for tethering. Here are the posts:

One of our viewers, Cindo Holmes, offered the following comment recently:
How are you doing today? I just wanted to say Thank you for this channel. Because of your work and love for smart watches, it has allowed me to research and buy the No.1 D6 Smart Watch. Because of this i wanted to tell you and your subscribers how to respond to text messages and calls while tethering from your Phone. Its tricky and will cause 2.99, but it works. The program is called Tablet Talk: SMS & Texting App, you have to install it on both devices.At first set up your phone as the Tablet in settings and your watch as the phone also in settings. Once there you can connect both devices using Bluetooth, when they connect reverse the setting and import your contacts. When all is setup, you can then respond to messages on your watch. Go back to setting on your phone and watch, there you will see an option to allow you to auto connect and sync, push calls from your phone to watch (Bluetooth Headsets needed). Also you may have to clear out the launcher data to get the program to show if your using the default watch launcher.

Another post from gcholmes18:
If you do run into problems with the messager crashing, place table talk v1.9.2 on your watch. I have a link here with a fix for android 5.0. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B1a4RIDkf0yWUDVnVWJtV0prVmM/view

Worth trying for a small cost !

Yes indeed @sonia_sophie_ataunna has been using this as well I think.
She recommends it too. Worth paying a few dollars for these apps. Otherwise they would not exist - so we need to support them :slight_smile:

No, I haven’t because I don’t think it worth to have an app that just allow you to reply to sms if it had more functionalities I would have used it. m2d let’s you respond to more apps, the only downside that when you want to call or text it open the apps on the phone and not through the watch. There is an app that let you reply to calls and sms but it uses WiFi and HSpot and there is no reply from the developer to my emails, that is why I think we need to make a FUND for apps developing for our SW.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna you make a good point with this case :slight_smile:
But - some paid apps are worth their weight in gold :slight_smile:

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 true, but i think if we offer to support by funds apps developers i think we’ll get more even if they put a price on it if they’ll offer a trail of usage and than pay for it without ads ppl will buy it. i konw i’ll do.

Create it and I will buy it!!!

I was told by a guy that m2d will work if we get GCM working on our watches again. Google Cloud Messaging.
Apparently if you use gesture search or similar and go to Data Usage settings and allow data usage for the Google Services app and install an app called Push Heartbeat from the playstore you can get it working.
I think that this setting is unavailable on the Sinsoft watches but should work on all the Finow watches. @Splen_Dence @sonia_sophie_ataunna - let me know if this helps.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 is it this i did’nt find anything else even by searching the web.


@sonia_sophie_ataunna it’s this one

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 thanks:)

Is there a M2D tutorial? I hit the ? But stillb my figure out how to answer calls and text.

@Jeremy_Frasier yes, you mean a guide, right?