Technical Forum / Google Plus users

As you may have noticed, the technical knowledge of our old forum have been uploaded here.
Now you can search for information on several years of posts.

We have also imported the users we created all this knowledge. Because of this import, some duplicate names may have been created. There may be a Google Plus user, and a technical forum user.
If you detect that you have been “duplicated” under two names, please use this thread to ask for user merging. We can easily merge users.

Hope you understand all the complexity of this migration we have made and will enjoy this new centralized place.


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I ask you to merge Vell and vell1 accounts into one Vell account

vell1 has been merged into Vell

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Hi, I have this account from google plus and @noidremained from the proboards forum. Could you merge this one into the noidremained one, so that the merged account will keep the name noidremained?

Both account are merged.


After the merger of accounts in this thread, the first post disappeared, the most important one!

Thanks for pointing this, yes this thread is in bad shape… I’ll see what i can do.

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I’ve got this Topic repaired. Let me know if it’s ok.

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wow, it’s working, thanks.

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