Taskkill after boot? X5+

May 17, 2017 14:55:24 GMT 1 chromax said:

I noticed, that when my x5+ starts after some seconds all apps are killed. Also the ones, I installed and want to start at boot.
Its not directly after boot. You have time enough to start an app and after some seconds it gets killed and I have to start it again.

I tested some battery-saving crapp and deinstalled everything, so I´m not shure if its in the OS or something not deleted correctly.

Anyone detected the same behaviour?


do you mean that when you enter the app it start itself from the beginning? 


When I boot up and directly start whatever app. After some seconds the app is killed and I´m back at the clock. All apps in the background are also killed. Now I can start the app I want again, but this happen always after the boot.

I assume that there is a cleaner process in the firmware, that always gets called after boot.