Tamás Izsán It hasn't got all the features, just the time...

Tamás Izsán
It hasn’t got all the features, just the time… let me know if you want anything added…


Grateful thanks.
Add as a original picture: Battery%and Date day only

You really have time on your hands, Andrew.

Hi AD : The Neon Face can do?

you are AMAZING, just amazing:)

Thats a perfect one

Hi… only took about 90 minutes to make… had to go to work, so didn’t add other features… I’ll try a few extra bits tomorrow… does anybody want it in a different colour?.. :slight_smile:

yep, can you plz make it dark blue?:slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis Okay, you do it when you have time. Make orange.

@SmartWatch_Ticks I like to make time… :slight_smile:

New watch faces done and uploaded… a variety of colours and additional features added… battery power and day/date… :slight_smile: