T1D and Fullandroid Smartwaches

i use the Watches from Lemfo (10 and T) for something very special.
I am T1D and like AAPS and xDrip+
This Forum helped me to understand the Watch better than before.
hopefully some People here will help me keep my Setting with AAPS and xDrip+ alive.
This won’t be easy, but hopefully this will come true.
I will do my best to answer questions here about using AAPS and xDrip+ on these small Screens and poor Battery Performance.


Thank you for sharing. I am sure that many people would like to benefit from your knowledge. :+1:

Thanks @actrapit
1st question: What is AAPS and xDrip?

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xdrip is used to monitor blood sugar levels.


Thanks for asking!
Android APS is an App to deliver Insulin via a Pump.
With this App you can automate it very simple if you know how to deal with Insulin and Diabetes itself.
xDrip is exactly what G1NT0N1C said bevor, an App to monitor a Glucose Sensor perhaps a Dexcom G6 System or Eversense or Libre.

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