Swimm fitness apps

It is some fitness apps for that whatch wich include swimming tracking indor or outdoor?

We strongly advise against swimming with any of these watches


I used alredy two weeks without problems!

That was first reason for buing this watch!

Sorry but you have been lucky . The Lem14 / Rollmee SO8 are probably the most waterproof to date but personally i wouldnt risk it


This is a good add-on for swimming tracking

I agree, the LEM14 does appear to be a bit rugged and more waterproof than most of these FAW watches but the build quality of those isn’t great and one unit might be fairly water resistant while another one not at all. It’s probably ok to get wet in a rain though.


I agree too. Even with expensive watches made for diving, after a few years of use in sea water their buttons stop working or need service because of the sea salt . I have used lem14 once for open sea training with no problem, but the track recorded from gnss was inaccurate because the watch had been half immersed in the water .

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