Surprising boost in battery life by Force Closing 2 apps

***I am using Universal Launcher, as well as 3C All-In-One Toolbox Pro by 3c.  If you are not using Universal Launcher, you might have to reboot the watch after trying this, since this is stopping the stock user interface.  If you “Force Stop”, or “Kill” the System UI app, it has a chance to reload.  However, if you “Disable” it, you might have a permanent black screen. You have been warned!

Getting sick of the darn notifications waking my screen (still have not fixed that completely), I noticed a couple “apps” that were causing the notifications had distinctive icons. 

Utilizing the option of auto-killing selected applications with 3C Toolbox, I was able to find the following 2 system apps (among many others) that matched the distinctive icons: 

1)System UI (Has a light blue/turquoise “N” icon)

2)Wireless Update (Same pantone as the “N” icon, with 3 increasing sized white “wireless” icons in a square background)

“Force Stopping” the two apps listed above through 3C (like you would when in the uninstall application screen of a selected app) has increased my battery life quite noticeably!

With light use, I would have to charge the watch around 8pm with under 5% battery remaining.  Right now, with moderate use today, I am at 33% battery left.  This is also with a SIM card installed.

Please try this out for yourself if running Universal Launcher, and report back your results.

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Thank you for the tips, I have the same notifications.

Can you do the following: step by step inside the 3c and force stop?