Surprise of the day in my Finow x5 new app in the appstore "Lemfo

Surprise of the day in my Finow x5
new app in the appstore
“Lemfo watch”

¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿?¿? LOL

Used … for what?

I have not tried it yet does
Only discovered in the App Store as option

Try it and publish the result. Now I am very curious.

It’s a new Watch Helper application, but it does not replace the installed one, so i don’t know how to make it work…

I downloaded it but can’t get it to connect to my X5
Does it need to be on the phone as well like watch helper?

look at 11:00, it looks like watch helper

It’s because Lemfo just bought a whole bunch of X5+ watches from Finow to market as the LEM5. So basically it is a rebadged watch helper as you have noticed.
It’s going to be available for the new watch which is about to be released.
Don’t be too upset if it doesn’t work on the original X5.

Doesn’t connect.
Scanned the code from the video for the phone app but still won’t connect with it.

It’s meant for the Android 5.1 version of the X5 - the plus version - which is due to be released as a LEM5 and Finow X5+ in next couple of weeks…
So it probably uses different code to the 4.4 version we have at the moment.

yes, i’ve seen it on the app store do’nt think it is better than the Watch Helper.

My watch help drops connection and is such a pain to reconnect.
Tried M2D but the Bluetooth manager would just not connect to my watch
May try it again after work.

@Andrew_Gittens look through the developer thread he updated the m2d apps.

@sonia_sophie_ataunna thanks for the info. Got it up and running thanks to your help. Let’s see if it’s any better then the rest.

@Andrew_Gittens your welcome:)


Yep - they bought a bulk load from Finow

Having much more success with the new M2D with Bluetooth then the watch helper that came with the watch.