Suggest me a smartwatch....Confused

Hi Guys,

Some of you know I was looking for AllCall W2 or KW68…

But now I am actually confused. A thought came in to my mind, would I actually use a watch for calling? Or would I actually use it for clicking pics?

What excited me initially towards these smartwatches was the capability of changing dial faces… So why not stick to that…

So guys, is there a choice of a smartwatch (or should I call it just a watch) that gives plenty of dial faces changing option with custom faces… It may have some other basic features like pedometer, heart monitoring etc.

Hopefully, I can get good cheaper choices in this.

Please throw some light. Regards


ALL watches answer your request:) stick with the kw68 or the w2 or wait for i8 or other new watches that going to come out.