Success rooting my X5 and flash twrp without PC 😁

Success rooting my X5 and flash twrp without PC :grin:

Can you post how to do this?

Did you use Kingo root and then mobileuncle to boot from TWRP from the sd card? Or install Flashify or similar? This is what we used to do before we had purpose built custom recoveries.
This is a way of doing it but installs added crap from the rooting tool and I don’t recommend it. The guide section here in the community has all the tools you need to do the job cleanly and safely.
I strongly suggest you use SP Flash tool to flash recovery only and then flash for clean root and stable system partition.


Download :

  1. Kingoroot.apk
  2. TWRP
  3. Flashify
  4. If you want to extract zip file from smartwatch, install Solid Explorer Classic (Optional)

How to install :

  1. Make sure you have connected your smartwatch to the network
  2. Allow unknown source : Settings - Device Management - Security - Unkonwn Source
  3. Rooting:
  • Download and install kingoroot.apk
  • Launch Kingo ROOT app and start rooting
  • Waiting for a few seconds till the result screen appear
  • If successful, SuperUser app will appear
  • Allow all root access permission if needed
  1. Installing TWRP :
  • Extract using solid explorer classic or any explorer app. And you have found “recovery.img” file
  • Install “Flashify” from playstore and open
  • From the above option, tap “Recovery Image” - “Choose a file”. Here navigate to recovery.img file which you have extracted
  • Tap “YUP” if you would like to continue with the flash or “MAYBE NOT” if you chose the wrong file
  • If you chose to continue flashing you will see a working box which says Flashing.
  • A box which says Flash Completed will show after flash is complete.
  • Tap “Reboot Now” and you will go to TWRP recovery screen.

Sorry for my poor english

Sorry, I had to do that. But so far no problem with my watch.

DON’T DO THIS - it goes against all the good work done here in our community.
Kingoroot and all those similar brute force apps inject bad rubbish into your system partition which is very difficult to get rid of. It can also result in an unstable system partition or worse. They are absolutely LAST RESORT methods for obtaining root.
Considering there is a perfectly simple and safe way to do this - I find it hard to understand why you would take this risk.
Do not be surprised if this gets deleted…

why did you have to do this ?
You had no PC?
Your watch will appear to be fine - until it’s not. That’s the problem. These apps broadcast stuff from your watch without you even noticing sometimes…

Agree. I rooted one of my last phones with king root & have to flash later because I monitor many unknown / undesirable packets w/ wireshark. Probably device / system / use leaks

Btw why rooting an x5?

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 my x5 arrives tomorrow, can you post a link to the files and guide to do it safely. Thanks.

@steve_rowlands that’s why we have a guide section. Take a look - all you need is in there.

Will do. Thanks