SUB-DIALS... Sub-dials are a popular addition to a watch face...


Sub-dials are a popular addition to a watch face… 1, 2, 3 or even 4… as we are (generally) limited by our clock engine I was wondering what preferences others have as to what the sub-dials on a face should be… please add your comments below…

I’ll start the ball rolling with - 1) watch battery level… 2) weekday… 3) month… 4) 24hr clock…

[Featured watch - NGHT-WTCH77 by +Tim Costello ]

Weather.A sunny or rainy icon is perfect.
Digital,weather widget is not correlative. lol

made to watch the evening glow. This skinwatch very beautiful. :slight_smile:

battery level is a must

1- battery level
2- date
2- weekday
3- month

I know that we are limited by the engine features, but i wonder when it’s going to be possible to a WF show notifications like SMS, gmail, Whatsapp, missing calls etc… That would be great!

Putting aside the notifications aspect of the watch… I was asking about the information on the sub-dials… I included a picture of +Tim’s watch because he didn’t use the typical rotary arrays that you’d expect… and by thinking outside of the box he’s created digital array sub-dials…

Other interesting sub-dial tweeks that I’ve seen are - 1/2 second dial (one full rotation in 30 seconds)… combination dial (weekday and month)…
By using the weather digital array a sub-dial could be made… but the images would probably be so small as to make it unreadable… a better idea might be to make it readable in the bezel… but that an entirely different topic :slight_smile:

Any chance to have it in drop box as cudn’t download it man

2-array day
3-week day
4- steps

@KAMAROZMAN_AHMAD Please ask the designer… not me :frowning:

@Sergio_Guerreiro What do you think about the Holo interface apps like Floating Toucher?


@Andrew_Davis I love the new avatar ha ha ha :slight_smile:

@Andrew_Davis ​​​, thanks for the link! Well i think it’s cool that’s alright! But my wish is that someday there’s a chance to integrate in a WF a real time notification icons like we have in any launcher with a plugin like “TeslaUnread” or “Missit!”. I think that would be a game changer… Can’t imagine though if that’s even possible in theory…

  1. Battery
  2. Month
  3. 24 hour
  4. Weather