Straps damaged -> do you know where/how to order?

Hi dear Gents,

My heavy and mercyless (Sporting, gardening…) use of my Lem T has led one of the straps to become damaged (The metal rod of the fixation is slowly, but surely cutting trough the rubber).
One day it will probably break.
To slowen the process, I now wear the watch looser.

-> Do you know where I can order a new pair?



Try emailing lemfo on -



-> now waiting for an answer from Spetcik :wink:

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Maybe soon add slots for watch straps


Hi, any news? I have answer from aliexpress lemfo store - they dont sell straps separetly.

For my part, no news / answers

I also dislike the heavy ‘rubber’ bands that are used on the LEM T & TICWRIS MAX. With the limited adjustability of the buckle & holes, stiffness of the band, difficulty of putting it on and off, it causes damage to the back plastic and the bands are the pin area.

So for some time I’ve been planning a replacement band. This band will be wider (50 mm) and use a stretchable Velcro material in a hook & loop style. Thus it’ll be easy on & off and adjustable for any wrist.

However this is a DIY project, I may make a video.


just wondering if not sold separately then how is it sold without buying another watch? i would buy the backcase if the price is reasonable

There are website that do sale it separately. You will have to search this site for the links.

hello dvalin21 thanks for replying ive tried multiple ways to try and find the bands and honestly im glad i found this forum with ppl that have the watch also cause i stay in mississippi and i showed it to a couple jewelry stores hoping they sold a big buckle to put on a extention to fit my wrist but no luck, ive tried to contact lemfo ticwris aliexpress and bangood bout buying and none have replied back so i hope that someone here had success and have a link to buy the bands or the back case with band so i can buy a few

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Tener’s link is down. I’ve found two in AliExpress. I’m not sure the tickwrist is valid for the lemt. Here are the links.

i have buy it hire and its good