Strap Replacement for android watch

Hey guys, I have Microwear H2 with stock non replacement strap and it broke on few peaces…cant be wear…but it can be replaces if I dig deep. Now where I can find or get one of them? Please help

It’s nice to see you again after so long,
@Milosh_Dobrijevich. Too bad it’s a sad occasion. But unfortunately I can’t give you an address for H2 spare parts, sorry. Maybe someone can help. I hope for you.

Well its nice to be back… :slight_smile: but is there andy strap that i coul putt instead? It doesnt metter if I lost 4g or wifi…its wors to not wear it then not have those features.

Could you post a photo? I replaced the bracelets on a zeblaze a few months ago.

I would shorten the original bands so that the antennas are preserved. Then I would attach new ribbons on the outside, maybe sew them on? I am not sure.