Strap for kospet prime 2

i use this style of ceramic strap very pretty and the quality and very good . the strap and adjustable .

ceramic strap ( 22mm )

connector for Garmin Fenix 5X / Fenix 3 ( 26mm_22mm )

Strap tubes clasp 26 mm (1.8mm)

Spring pins 26mm ( 1.8mm )


Ceramic strap…?
That sounds like a great idea.
Thanks, I’ll have a look :+1:

Ceramic strap is very pretty and the attachment is very easy to open and close

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Stretch? Price range? Great looking if there isn’t metal in them I’m interested.

Exactly why I asked :grin::+1:

25 or 30 euro price total with aliexpress delivery, for a ceramic bracelet it’s not expensive

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this bracelet simplifies my life, I put the watch on the side and I can charge it easily