Strange touch screen behavior while charging

Hello, I got my optimus pro yesterday and I noticed strange behavior of touchscreen while charging. During charging when I move somethink on screen, it is jumping, sometimes react like i just touch. yesterday when I unpluged device, touchscreen start working normal. Today morning after unplug I had to restart smartwatch to make touchscreen work normal. This is not very annoying but I worring if it mean that my touchscreen is going to die soon. How do you think about this?

I think your screen is not grounded properly. One thing you can do is switch your watch off while charging.

Touchscreen nothing do itself, ony when I do something. So if I will not play with my watch while it will be charging, will this have a negative effect on the touch screen if screen is not grounded properly? Btw I am negatively surprised that something like this would happen

for safety’s sake, i would leave the watch off while charging. But this is just my opinion.

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