Strange mesh on the screen

A strange grid appeared on the clock screen and not only for me, the clock users write about this on the forum is the problem? Firmware from 03/06/2019

Can you post a picture of this ?

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Yes, I would like to see a picture, too. I I couldn’t find any in the website you’ve linked.

The first photo is mine, the second from the forum 4PDA

It is visible only when the screen is turned off and under certain rays of light, especially clearly visible in the sun.

Looks like a hardware issue for me.


Agreed . Looks like my Macbook at home :pensive:

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I have the same problem on iqi i8 it suddenly appeared without anu firmware upgrade, i think the problem is hw related, the grid appear even with the phone turned off. The watch remain completely functional even if the grid its very bad to see

mine is the same for last 3 months. so far the watch still functions ok

Mine has this problem also. On another forum, one person thought it was caused by a bad cable inside of the watch, but I do not think that is the problem. I think it is some burn in caused by the elecrtonics of the LCD, maybe the digitizer. Either way, it is annoying, but does not seem to affect the watch functions, at least not yet.

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