Stock Launcher Mod (Requires Root) - All Variants

After some investigation, it seems the launcher in the TICWRIS firmware is a modified copy of the LEMFO launcher (because they forgot to take out some branding). Since I liked some of the changes, but not all of them, I decided to modify it a bit more.

I kept the swirling animated background of LEMFO (requires the keli app installed) and discarded the fire background (that looked tacky). I removed most of the forced app tray positions, keeping only Phone, Messages, Camera, and Settings at the top and used the rainbow icons of the TICWRIS launcher.

Copy your existing launcher to the sdcard in case you have any issues. You can install this one over it, replace it (/system/app/WearHomeSport_Bubble/) or delete the old one and place it in the folder (/system/app/WearHomeSport_DMN480_640/)

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