Still waiting on the watch to arrive with the store on aliexpress but here

Still waiting on the watch to arrive with the store on aliexpress but here are a few photos they sent me today. Packaging looks real nice.

Gold version is on the way soon apparently. I’ll share photos when I have them.




You might notice as well that it looks like there is a black version in that mix. I can’t tell for certain but it looks like black. Especially in the photo where the watch is on its side.

Which watch is this? if you don’t mind me asking

They have 4 colours

Gold, silver, black. Whats the last colour?

Gun metal grey they say a slightly different t way , I have a pic but can’t put up with out making a new post.

go ahead if you don’t mind. Keen to see the different colours before I confirm my order. Still got a couple of days to change my mind!

@C_For where are you going to order it? i mean its a web page? i’m really interested in one

@Antonio_Obregon There’s only one shop on Aliexpress that has it:,searchweb201602_4_10037_9983_10017_407_10033_406_10032_10040,searchweb201603_7&btsid=6b875de0-c880-496d-bac8-cb2816705ce7

Unfortunately for anyone ordering now, the price has gone up a bit. I got a presale price and saved about £30.

Is the watch band changeable and the watch face can be downloaded n change or only can use the default clock skins only.

Band is not changeable. Not sure about the faces yet.

Here’s a KW88 review:

@SmartWatch_Ticks if you don’t mind I will post this as a separate post - thanks very much mate :slight_smile:

Sure @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 , appreciate that. Wait until you see the one that’s uploading now! It’s a doozie. Took over a week to get it ready including research and all. Had to go and study up on the metric system all over again. You know, centimeters, millimeters, all that stuff. I’ve taken a beating in comments on the Blitz teardown. Anyway, YouTube projects 2+ hours to upload the thing, but when it goes live, look for this: “Round Android 5.1 I2/KW88/Z9/S99 Watches Compared: 2-Build Quality”. The assigned link, which won’t be active until I can publish it is:

hey thanks mate ! Great stuff and looking forward to it :slight_smile: