Still kingwarir kc10

Hello. Does anyone know what the body of the kc10 watch is made of? I know that the kc10 body cover is made of plastic. I want to make sure that the body material is strong so that I can make a metal strap for it.

It is a high-strength industrial plastic.

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I do not know why King Weir kc09 made his body out of plastic, because after buying it the very first day I received it, his chassis was broken

Do you think I can install a metal strap on it? Because our previous watch was kc09, it was eaten on the first day

Metal straps can interfere with wifi . I wouldnt recommend eating the straps . Thankyou


Yes, it is true that the kc09 watch was a very thin copper strap to attach the plastic interference chassis to the net, so it is very easy to wear. Does the kc10 also have a thin strap?

Does anyone know if there is a way to improve the quality of the kc10 camera?

Maybe you should read something in the forum first, for example the Kospet Prime thread. This watch is identical to your KC10. If you still have questions unanswered, we will be happy to help.

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Can I install the watch face in the forum. After downloading, install it in the manual update. Are all watch faces official?

I mean the new watch face, can I install it in a manual update?

YOU DON’T NEED AN UPDATE. Just ask for this face as we told you. Then you can install it manualy.

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watch faces has nothing to do with updates. If you want a new watch face on your watch then you download it, put it in the clockskin folder on your watch, long press the current watch face, go all the way to the right end of the list of watch faces and click the circular arrow and then long press the current watch face again and select the new watch face.

what can be updated is the firmware, but updating the firmware will usually not give you any new watch faces. If you check for updates on the watch and it says it is already up to date then for most people there is no reason to update it manually even if a newer firmware is available here on the forum

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I have a few new faces now. I downloaded the process from the watch section, but I do not know how to install the faces

I wrote a request to the address you mentioned and I emailed the address, but nothing has come yet

Please teach me the steps to install the faces manually

I’ll send you the app “clockskin transfer” tomorrow . You have to install it on your watch. Then you have to connect your watch with a WLAN and open the app on your watch. An IP Adresse is displayed.
Take your phone, connect it to the same wlan. open the Browser on your phone and enter the IP adress. Then choose the zipped clockskin file you’ve downloaded to your phone before and push it to your watch.

You mean, like, saltines and their ilk, eh? it’s true

Please send me a video of the installation process of the faces tomorrow

Because Google does not translate your language accurately, please send the video, thank you

I wont make a video. I have explain it. And you’ll find it here in the forum, also.
By the way: it’s 23:30 here and I will try to find some sleeo now.

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