Step counter isn't a step counter?

Maybe I am missing something obvious (entirely possible) but the step counter seems to be a distance counter and doesn’t show the number of steps at all? Any help appreciated :slight_smile: Cheers

I don’t completely agree with your premise. On my Lem 10, looking at the 4 screens for the pedometer it depicts a daily/weekly total, Steps, distance and calories burned. I actually counted my steps one day while walking up to the marina office, where I live. It was very close to the # of steps displayed on the watch. It then converts them to distance. The only thing is it measures your arm movements and not your steps. So if you don’t swing your arm normally while walking the reading is probably not real accurate.

Oh yeah I get the whole arm swinging thing. But the display just doesn’t mention steps at all. It shows time, pulse, distance, total distance and calories. No mention of steps?!

When you say “Display” what are you referring to? To what is displayed on the watchface you are viewing or the information from the app itself. I don’t have a Lem T but my Lem 10 are both running the same OS, Android 7.1 and should be similar in setup. I ck’d my Genesis and it is the same.
Screenshot of my watch showing step count.


I also checked with Mr. Ticks and here is a screenshot of his video showing the Steps in the Lem T.


OK, forgive me, I’m an arse! :cold_sweat:

I was going into the fitness app, I completely forgot about the other things the watch does when you swipe up, right and left :woozy_face:

I’ve been using it solely as a display for when I’m riding my electric unicycle and up until yesterday hadn’t use any other functions on it!

Thanks though, your replies steered me in the right direction :slight_smile:

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