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Greetings and salutations from a noob! Just getting my head around all this forum stuff so please understand any ill etiquette from myself is based purely on ignorance than malice. Some initial thoughts and request for a bit of advice/sign posting.

So if I’m right that first paragraph is a description and everything from “So if I’m right…” is the main body? Fingers crossed!

I suppose I’ve been looking for a project… So a few days ago I found a Smartwatch ticks video, started having a mooch on the internet, bought a Lem14 off ebay for £60 yesterday, received it today, had a play and now I’ve joined here.

It’s not the first smartwatch I’ve owned. I’ve owned a couple of android wear devices, a square lg and a fossil carlyle. I’ve never really felt them and consistently used them. A long long time ago in a place called “Dudley” I owned a galaxy gear smart watch. I had a lot of fun messing around with it and learning stuff. I took immense pride in doing things it wasn’t supposed to do. It was running null rom with twrp and nova launcher. Around the same time I flashed a few other devices including a hp touchpad. The program to connect it to the phone was dodgy and degraded with the switch to tizen, plus the band was giving out which would eventually kill the device if I continued using it. I managed to get google assistant working and even google maps amongst other bits and bobs.

I’m super hyped to hear about the work between the forum and a manufacturer. The world of FAW’s seems to be quite complicated with a lot of brands. Does Wiiteer control both Lemfo and Kospet? If that’s the case do they control any others? Potential firmware ota’s sound yummy! I’m so out of practice I don’t even have ADB downloaded on my PC!!!

So far I’ve downloaded a few apps including wiiwatch2 which will probably get change to the one that is mentioned on here frequently. Link programs are important! One of the apps I put on was google home so I’ve cast the watch to a tv. I’m trying to keep it out of my hand as much as possible! I’ll dig out my bt keyboard and mouse from storage sometime. If that’s one thing I learned from the gear then it’s a hell of a lot easier to do complicated things like type in a password with a mouse and keyboard with a reasonable sized screen than try and do it with a finger on a teenie tiny touchscreen. I also downloaded link to pc but as suspected it doesn’t mirror the screen to laptop. I read a couple of articles on screen mirroring apps but was wondering if anyone has any recent experience of using them with a similar smartwatch and give a recommendation? Back to the teenie tiny screen… any idea how i get the keyboard to swipe? also voice input? Keyboard app recommendations?

Ooh, Ooh, Ooh… Launchers and gestures… So one of the reasons I used nova was because it had a gesture input that was handy. I also used another custom gesture app in other apps. So what launchers are used now? Is it just stock, watch specific or repurposed from phone? Also custom gestures?

So it’s a bit chunky. Nothing to be done about that. Anything better than tilt to wake to turn the screen on? I’ll leave the “me next, get new firmware on my device next, my life isn’t worth living without double tap to wake” whiny, annoying pleading for at least a week. I did own a g5 and it was a handy feature. Also at some point I could do with finding the size of the screws to the sim cover. mine were replaced with flat head screws because one of the cross hair screws got rounded, original owner. I’ll open it up, and scratch my head and think about whether it’s waterproof or not. I did once earn £50 by buying a broken gg off ebay opening it, disconnecting and reconnecting the battery and charging it up via a pc to get it working again. No bluetooth tether calls from the phone? any workarounds?

I used to use tasker so I’ll probably see what everyone else is doing and come up with a few myself. One of the things that annoyed me about wear os was having to touch my watch before driving to turn stuff off. I’ll probably use the android auto notification off the phone as a condition to set a ‘driving’ variable and that’ll trigger things like sending a message to the watch to turn a bunch of stuff off.

I’ll worry about the watch faces another time.

Is there anything obvious I’ve missed? It’s been a while.

Sorry for the length, I’ll try and be succinct at some point.

Ooh, finally, I might be available for testing at some point. I normally managed to follow simple instructions on the 3rd attempt.

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Could you be a little more precise ?


Sorry, just a bit overexcited. Precise and hopefully more concise! I’ve just bought a lem14 and am wondering what people do with them: firmware, custom roms, launchers, 3rd party software to pair watch with phone, any interesting apps and watchfaces. Although I’m new to the forum I have had experience with android customisation including smartwatches. It was a very long time ago but I think the old galaxy gear running null rom was a full android watch so I’m wondering how to replicate some of the things I thought would be handy back then 8 years or so later. I also asked about a way to mirror the watch to a pc as it’s possible but software has moved on in that time. I thought someone might do stuff like that regularly as it’s dead handy.

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Yes indeed @Dr_Andy_Vishnu ! :+1: Above all let us be concise and straight to the point in our posts! You might point @Santaclauswitz (Love that nic name mate!) to some of my posts in order that he is better able to understand the art of concise…and blessedly short! :woozy_face:… posts! And @Santaclauswitz if you do read any of my posts, you’ll understand just how tongue in cheek that last bit of advice really was! Welcome to the Madhouse…er…Forum mate! :+1: Cheers, “Keep it short”, Doons

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Okay , fair enough and welcome . Here are a few random pointers to get you started .

Use Watchdroid not Wiiwatch to connect your android phone to your watch ( we have a section dedicated to this )

Apart from the stock launcher many use the Universal Launcher developed by our very own moderator @Eric_Crochemore . Its superb and also ( we have a section dedicated to this )

You can treat your full android watch very much like a standalone phone . Download pretty much anything from the playstore .

If you like clockskins we have thousands here . Most of the designers use a pc app called Watch Face Designer . Its free and fun . Again on this forum . Watch our youtube videos and give it a go .

I would watch a few @SmartWatch_Ticks videos along with ours and you will get a good idea of where we are .

All the best :+1:


“me next, get new firmware on my device next, my life isn’t worth living without double tap to wake” whiny

That’s me! That’s I! But the mods have been very patient … :slight_smile: