Star Trek: WTF... TOS or TNG?... see Spock get transported...

Star Trek: WTF… TOS or TNG?.. see Spock get transported…

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Ha ha ha ha. Nice.

Originally! Tell Andrew, this FW will work at KW88?

Looks great on my KW88 @Andrew_Davis LLAP!

@Kenneth_Tan that’s interesting… there are a lot of elements to it… I wasn’t sure how the other watches would cope…

Did you convert it to your launcher or use Erics?

Used Erics. Looks fine for me. Spock transports a bit choppy, but get’s off the ship.

Transporter haze is a rotate_second… Spock is array_second, so will be choppy…

I will really have to fix my KW88 and try Eric’s platform… :slight_smile:
Are you still working on your platform?

Yes still working on my platform. It’s the complete opposite of Eric’s on the KW88 platforms.
Both work the same way by configuration, but where the other has a lot of WF’s to install. mine needs every WF to be reprogrammed.
But there’s were mine has the advantage that I can program whatever function I want, that’s were clockskinmaker (I think) missies features. But I’ve never tested CSM,
I’ve been using Erics method now for a few day’s and it works fine as long as I don’t touch the screen. If I do I have to toggle through 5 zoom modes of wich 4 screww up the WF on my watches.
But then, I now can test new WF’s I’d like to convert.

You have surpassed itself ! Spock is a fantasy! Perfectly works at KW88! Thanks!

Kind a problem with this WF, the guy with the blue shirt and pointy ears always disappears from the screen and then returns

@Del_Rum The guy with the pointy ears… pointy ear!.. that’s Mr Spock, and he’s famous for using the transporter to disappear and reappear - that’s kind of what he does :slight_smile:

I love it, I’m a Startrek fan (not a Trekkie) for over 40 years.
Man you are a real genious building such complex watchfaces with such a basic watch face program.

@Del_Rum It keeps me out of mischief :wink:

Awesome,Thank you