Spurious draft messages showing on this forum

Spurious draft messages showing on this forum.

Sorry if this is not the right place to post, but I could not find a category for forum-specific issues. Here it is:

When I edit a post and save it, it still shows as draft sometimes. And each time that I open the message, the draft window shows instead of the posted message as expected. After many trials to save such draft, I can fix it for instance deleting a full stop (.) or adding it, and then trying to revert such change, and again the issue arises until after many trials I can fix it. It is really frustrating. Really weird! I contribute to many forums and I have never had such issue before.

As said, it happens sometimes only in this forum. I am using Safari 17.3 (18617., 18617) on macOS 13.6.4 (22G513) Ventura on Mac (Intel).

I am reporting that to admins, just in case they could fix it.

Besides that, thanks for this great site!

I’m pretty sure it’s a browser issue. Please try another browser.

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Thanks. Update: I have seen that the issue mostly arises if I access the post using the top-right list after clicking my avatar symbol. Yet if I access using the “My Posts All” list, it may not arise for such specific post. Weird.

We’re using a discourse forum, you can try to post this bug on the discourse support site.


Thanks. This is the General Discussion forum as far as I can see. I cannot find the “Discourse Support” site that you indicate. How to switch to that?

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