Spotlight This was a request by Tomas Kulikauskas back in April.

This was a request by @Tomas_Kulikauskas back in April. I originally thought it impossible on our watch, but I managed to crack it.
It’s not actually a real watch, but a concept gif from here:
It has also been made into an Android wear watch here:
It’s an unusual way of representing the time. The Orange line intersects a ring that is marked with 10 minute intervals. So you can tell the time to within a minute or 2. There is some distortion because I’ve had to break each half hour into a panel and rotate it separately, but it’s about as close to the original as I can practically get. There are 24 panels each at a precise angle and offset. To reduce the distortion you could do each mark separately, but we may hit the memory limitation of the watch.
This is a highly minimalist design, which I like, however if people want, I can add a digital time. I’ve also done a sped up demo version showing the digital time to aid in understanding the concept here:
I also discovered another bug in the watch face engine, which I’ll post in the bugs section.


Ah ha… I’m very interested in seeing this :slight_smile:

I tried to run it through CSM… it didn’t like it… just about to put it on my D5 :slight_smile:

On my D5… IT WORKS WELL… :slight_smile:

I hope that members take the time to have a proper look at this skin… there is so much hidden behind its simple facade…

This really does show up the limitations of the CSM, although I did use it to tweak the positioning. I added code to compensate for CSM’s handling of and , got all the panels positioned right and then backed-out the compensation for loading onto a real watch. I’ve still got the CSM version if anyone’s interested, although it doesn’t keep up animating 26+ panels very well and becomes progressively more laggy.