Sportage. download Yellow: Download Blue:


download Yellow:

Download Blue:

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Nice, I Like it. It’s Simple and elegant. Maybe in other colors and with days and months in other languages (spanish for example). Where can i download it?

Nice faces, thanks

Zeblaze Thor compatible?

Bart bedankt👌, welk programma gebruik jij om de clockskin te maken, lijk me leuk om het ook te proberen, alvast bedankt Roel.

@Bart_van_der_Linden nice work

@Roel_Stoffer ik gebruik watchface designer.

@Entertainment_Aviati i don’t know. i think it’s compatible because it has similar specs but you could try

@Entertainment_Aviati yes - it should be fine. Just drop it into the Clockskin folder and test it.

@Bart_van_der_Linden bedankt, ik ga kijken of ik hem te pakken kan krijgen :thinking:

@Entertainment_Aviati Yes. Work on my Zeblaze Thor.

@Bart_van_der_Linden heb je ook de link waar ik hem kan downloaden?


@Roel_Stoffer @Bart_van_der_Linden I wrote earlier, please use English, thats the forum language. The translator give bad translation.

@zsolt_m thankyou - and absolutely correct.

Bart, bedankt :+1:

This watch face looks amazing in my ColMi I2. IMO, the digital faces look better in my watch than the analog ones. Thank you so much.

I use this one 24/7 now haha thanks!

@Luc016 great! I don’t like the design very much but on your wrist it’s working nicely