Sp flash and mtk droid don't see my X3 anymore.

Sp flash and mtk droid don’t see my X3 anymore. I flashed twrp with spflash and reboot in twrp with mtk a week ago so they worked. But now nothing. I have win8 and when I installed last week I disabled firm for driver. What can I try?

Reboot the PC and disable driver verification/signing check.

See if it’s Windows protecting itself.

If that doesn’t work use USB deview to remove the driver and re-install it.

I did it when installed drivers. It has to be done every time I plug the watch and wanna use sptools or mtk tool?
As always, thx a lot

Sometimes - yes that is the case especially if you have rebooted the pc since last good connection?
Did you try it?

I shut down pc every day. So the disabilitation of firm drivers is not permanent?

Unfortunately no - it’s not.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 This comunity is amazing.
I reinstalled drivers and now SPTools and MTK work again.

I made a full firmware backup.

One question more: the total amount of firmware backuped space is 1,7 Gb (data.img takes 600M); in my K9 I have only 500Mb left. If I should put this firmware back and select download only from SPTool, will it be able to put there the firmware?

If not, how should I put this firmware back?

Thx a lot!!!

If you install new firmware make sure you do not select the pre-loader file and use download only mode in SP tools.
You need to perform a factory reset to get your correct storage amount to show in file explorer. With nothing installed it should be around 2.2gb free space.
If you want to keep your apps installed - don’t flash the “userdata” partition and do not factory reset.
Hope this helps. There is also an FAQ section in here as well :slight_smile:

My question is:
Firmware is 1,7 Gb in my case, the watch indicates I only have 500Mb free on the watch.
In this case, SPTool is able to copy/install the firmware (1,7Gb) on the watch (only 500Gb free)?
It goes in the left portion of the ROM, so it replace directly the present firmware therefore is not necessary to have more then 1,7Gb free on the watch?

I’m not being silly here but I need to make sure I understand what you mean - exactly.
At the moment I’m not too sure.
What I can tell you is that if you flash the stock K9 firmware dated January 2016 (which is the best) - from the firmware thread here in the community, and then do a factory reset you should end up with 2.2gb free storage.

My question is NOT on free space left after flashing the firmware.
My question is: to let the proccess of flashing end ok, you need to have (before flashing), an amount of space equal or greater than the firmware on your whatch?

an example:

  1. I want to flash a firmware that takes 1 Gb of space
  2. I check my free space on watch (before flashing) and I see that there are 500Mb free

In this condition, if I will start a download from SPFlash tool to flash the firmware, it goes well?
Or it will fail, because firmware take 1 Gb but on the watch I only have 500 Gb?

Thanks for be so patient and trying to help me.

I understand now :slight_smile:
The firmware flashing occurs at a sub-OS level and so will not care about free space.
It is a block level process that relies on partition location details alone. So it is not actually downloaded to the watch and then flashed - it actually replaces the blocks in that space.
I am curious now - why is there only 500mb free space? Sorry if you already explained this.

And please make sure that you read up on the process before you do it.
Do not select the pre-loader partition and make sure to use the “download only” option in SP Tools. Make sure all the firmware components are in the same folder - even the pre-loader file. Back up your nvram partition using MTK tool as well - before you flash…

I have installed 500 mb of clock skin and made a twrp backup so I have only 500 mb left.

I made a full firmware backup that is 1,7 Gb.

I know I have to select download only but why we have to NOT select pre-loader.bin?

That’s fine then. I have flashed like this many times. I always copy my data from the watch to the pc though just in case I need to factory re-set after flashing.

Sometimes after flashing storage does not show correctly unless you factory reset the watch - so be prepared.

It’s best practice not to flash the pre-loader because this area is where corruption and damage can occur.
All the how-to docs I have read in my time suggest that you don’t ever need to touch the pre-loader unless it’s absolutely necessary.