Source Code Request

Respectfully request a download link for the source code to the Lemfo Lem X? Thanks.

We don’t have it, and probably never will…
Sorry :sweat_smile:


I would also like to have. I would like to develop a specific firmware for Lem10 aimed at games.

Are you looking for LEM10 firmware?

what iscle said still holds true. what they have made themselves however is probably the best you can get to work from, so have a look at OpenWatch Project · GitHub


Thank you @Edward, but what I would Like was the LEM10 / DM20 ROM Source Code itself to develop my own OS for this smartwatch.

Thank you @noidremained, i’ll take a look and see what I can come up with!

Not possible.
It is private source.
Only the vanilla A10 is open code.
Which is mostly what is available in the git link above.
With some kernel mods.