Sorry, just to add to the Bluetooth problem:

Sorry, just to add to the Bluetooth problem:

The company has just told me that they already told you that the next firmware update will fix the I-Phone Bluetooth connectivity issue. So that’s it - basically the OTA will be released when it’s ready and will fix the issue you have. It works fine with Android though.

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 sorry, they already told me? I think your mistaken. I haven’t heard anything or been in contact with the company. Only the seller.

Hi Calvin, where did you buy it?? :slight_smile:
don’t worry, there will be updated software soon, they will inform you anyway,thanks. it is just testing samples. we will make this product perfec. Thanks for the trust.

Hi @Zoe_Chan . I bought it from your seller on Aliexpress. They have been excellent.

Can your engineers also look at making the faces match on the main screen and flip to turn on screen. The flip to turn on is a different face and I would like it to match the face I have selected.

@C_For got it :slight_smile: gonna be better.

@Zoe_Chan Zoe will google accounts be fixed in the next firmware also? My calendar will not sync with my gmail account. Other calendar apps are also not working.

@Zoe_Chan Could you also bring back the google voice buttons on the first sample firmware shown in the videos? These buttons looked very handy to access google voice.

@C_For sorry - I meant that the support team told me that they had told you it would be fixed in next update.

I have tried one solution in XDA and found it was a very good solution in this period (Swapp link). Please following this topic: Thanksgiving to dirtymindedx for very good solution.

@Lam_Cao Swapp Link doesn’t work with iphone?

Hi, I use only Android smartphone. So sorry for your condition!