Someone has installed Screen Shift in the D5+?

Someone has installed Screen Shift in the D5+? Can it be a solution to see the entire app in a box? Requires root permissions?

Good idea.Has anyone tried it yet?

For resize the app from round to square?

I’m using it on a D5 (not the plus) running on an Android 5.1.1 ROM.
It Works perfectly =)

You set the percentages for reducing the screen. And then there is an option on the notifications to toogle it on-off.
I do not reduce it too much. Just enough to be able to access the hidden icons usually at the top right corner. But that’s configurable to your needs.

And yes, it needs to be rooted to work.

NOTE: Use only the Overscan settings. Changing Density, at least on my watch, makes it reboot.


Rooting the D5+ is possible? Why not? What I lose rooting the device?

@Alessandro_Domingos that is a nice app for the 4.4 watches which do’nt have the option for square look, can you plz post on the site about the app and your usage of it, plz?

If you flash the x3+ rom, there is a built in feature, which works well.

Can I flash x3+ in d5+?

@Piero_Petrosillo yes (they use the exact same internals), but make sure you know what you’re doing and be careful.