Somebody can extract apk files of Remote Shot and SinWear app's from KW88?

Somebody can extract apk files of Remote Shot and SinWear app’s from KW88?
I want try it on my K18.
Thanks in advance

Why don’t you use the Firmware linked in this community and extract the apks?

I will… How I can do it?

You need an ext4unpacker and/or ext2explore.exe for the *.img files within the firmware package

I already do it and extract all apk files, but I have a problem: I can not identify these programs … the apk may have another name.
Someone who has a kw88 with apkextract app installed can send these two apk?
Thank you

Will do tomorrow (if possible to extract).

By the way I think Sinwear clock side is “Mobile Assistant”… I need this.

This is the remote control app. Can’t see anything else unless you give me the specific names

However - it’s made for Android 5.1. Be surprised if it would run on 4.4…

Sorry, bit I did not found the Sinwear APP on the KW88.

@Vmax I actually thought it was part of the launcher and it’s framework… Could be wrong though…

@Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 maybe was part of the launcher… but I extracted apk app Assist Helper from my K18 and install it on my Zgpax S8 with sucess. similar app for the notificatin management.
I suppose it’s possible same here on KW88. As I saw in a KW88 review this app apears like “Mobile Assistant”.
I just can extract RemoteControl from firmware… not sure is correct file… I have an error on install on K18.
@Vmax I think name is Mobile Assistant.

@mrcalomx you need to remember - this is nothing like the Finow software on the K18. I am looking at all the extracted apps right here and there is nothing like that at all. It’s completely different.