Some technical problems the last 24 hours

We apologise for any difficulties experienced.
We fixed this as soon as we could.
Please accept our apologies.


I noticed that. I wasn’t sure if it was something wrong with my phone or the site. I’m pretty sure it’s because the site is new and we’re working out the kinks. Once we get everything straightened out, these hiccups should happen less and less. I dunno if the G+ site had any issues since I didn’t come in until a few months before it ended. When it started, it probably only had a handful of people. We hit the 30k mark around December, if I remember correctly, during the Kospet competition. I dunno how many people have made the transition, but it’s probably a lot and the server is probably just getting used to the workload.

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at least part of the problem was that the certificate expired


True . The SSl certificate had expired . All good now