Some new faces showing off the new features from WFD 0.14 and UL 2.6.5.

Some new faces showing off the new features from WFD 0.14 and UL 2.6.5.

New hand rotations with animation: “Ghost Clock”

Timed animations and Digital indicator: “Lazer hands BLK”
(Fixed the download the match the version shown)

Digit animations: “Number Flip” (made for 12h animations, won’t display 100% properly on 24h)





Nice effects :slight_smile:
Also, thank you for your work detecting and reporting so many bugs on WFD :slight_smile:

@David_Koren excellent way of showing the possibilities achievable with @Marco_Ferreira amazing Watch Face Designer app !!
Thanks very much

lazer clockskin is not correctly running on my Lem x.
the clock is missing, some ani missing.
does this need a launcher ? or is it inkompatible with lemfo ?

@Thomas_Mystery this was posted on the “Faces for universal launcher” category. Do you have it installed?

@David_Koren Good evening. Laser hands BLK is cool but in my watch no pointers appeared among several other items. Can you correct it? Thank you very much in advance,

@Marco_Ferreira no, i had problems and deleted it. but thanks for the info.

@Emerson_Campos You need Universal launcher 2.6.5 for these faces.

@David_Koren Good Morning. My version is that of the image. It is not compatible? Thank youmissing/deleted image from Google+

@Emerson_Campos This is universal launcher for Android watches.

@David_Koren hi there I have lemfo lem x watch and I get almost crazy after 7 days of hard work to get watch faces and no results, kindly guide me how to do that.
Really really appreciate it if you help me.

Install the launcher from the post above.

I did but not working, very bed result only 1 Watch face not even on full screen.

Use to install new faces. As not the not full screen, Swipe down from the watch face and then swipe to the screen that has the DPI setting. Next to is is the zoom. Select the middle, “Default” and then reboot.

Thank you so so so very much, actually I m very bed using these applications and all, you solved my big issue, thank you again for your help and time.

Just found this post! Flippin’ AWESOME!