Some new designs I've made, with square watches in mind.

Some new designs I’ve made, with square watches in mind. They’d easily fit a circle watch if you removed the dial.png or replaced it with one from my circle watch faces.

Patterns from here.



The black and white design may look hard to read, but due to the numbers remaining stationary, they are quite distinct against the animated background.

There is no community for people to share square specific faces and since the engine is identical, what is the issue?
I can take my work elsewhere if you’d like.

Why does there need to be segregation? Round watches can work on a square device, square watches can work on a round device. Seems quite perplexing to me that you’d segregate an entire community because they prefer a square over a circle. As stated in my original post, it’s as simple as deleting or replacing one image file, to have the design look pleasing on a round screen. So why would that require a completely separate post on a completely separate page. Communities are for gathering people together, not separating them.

If anything, rather than creating a separate community for square watches, I’d rather create one that accompanies both, would you not agree that be the smarter idea?

I understand where you are coming from, I never suggested that you need to add new sections or anything of the like. All I suggest was that you allow those who wish to use a square device to share this community at least the face development section. I can see that my reaction may have upset you and forced you to make the decision to leave this community, and I’m terribly sorry. I never meant to cause any issue. I know it is hard work moderating a community, I have previously ran a few myself, I would have even happily volunteered to moderate and organize a square section on this community. Nonetheless, I apologize for upsetting you in any way. I did not think there would be such an issue with uploading a square instead of a circle, sorry.

I do understand that, I promise. I was never trying to negate your rulings at all, I was merely trying to have a discussion on why square watch faces were not accepted. If you had asked me to remove my post, I would have happily done so. I’m sorry that things have gotten so bad for you that you feel the need to leave. I do appreciate that you took the time to discuss this issue with me and I also appreciate all the work you have done, setting up this community, moderating it and all the behind the scenes work you do. You will be missed by the community.

I have to say that Loki is correct and this forum is for round watches only. It’s a simple choice we made at the beginning of this journey and is not up for discussion. XDA has threads for square models and se contribute over there sometimes.

I’ve looked through as much documentation as I can on this forum, and can’t find anything stating that square designs are not allowed. I understand this community is based on the round watches, and I never meant to disrespect that in any way. As I said, I’m happy to move all my content elsewhere if need be.

I’m going to be making a formal post later. I’ve been working all weekend in a data center so I’m still getting it together right now.
I think your work is fantastic and you are an asset to the community.
The whole thing about this is all said in the actual name of the community.
Says it all really.
I’m not going to argue about it and I certainly don’t want you to think that I am having an issue with you personally.
We have always maintained that this is a community for “round android watches”
As I said, I would be happy if we can keep the square stuff on XDA and here we remain loyal to our original ideas and commitment.
I absolutely do not want you to up and leave. It’s about remembering why we are here.