So what is the consensus on the ota as i got my new one

So what is the consensus on the ota as i got my new one today and there is a ota, do i do it or not.
Update seems my version is the same as the the one pablo11 showed.
My ota is stating it will be 20160714. ???

Hold off. I got a new firmware sent last night but the seller to fix my watch but he has asked me not to share it publicly yet. There are improvements in this version and it should be made public very soon (I imagine).

Can you please see what build it is.

@C_For to fix which particular problem? Thanks.

Build on the file folder is KW88_CS1_B_20160714

Ok that’s what’s on my ota so I’m not touching that yet. Is that the one that stuffed your watch our was it the one b4?

No idea @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11 do you have any info?

Watch working again. Just left it and it eventually got enough power on the battery to do a full startup. I guess it was just completely drained from being on the repeating boot loop.

Kernel version on the one I was sent is July 7
Build number is KW88_CS1_B_20160705. This is mad !! My info is taken from the watch settings "about " screen.
The folder name was KW88_CS1_B_20160707

Hang on - IQI say that a new OTA version is out with the same number. 20160714

I would wait for now until clarified tomorrow.

My seller just told me there is another OTA due tomorrow to fix the low voltage issue on the watch. @Pablo_Eleven_Pablo11

I have asked Loki to make a PSA.
Please don’t flash anything until further notice