so since the x5 and others are not being updated no longer does anyone

so since the x5 and others are not being updated no longer does anyone know anyone that does cyanogenmod??? maybe we can have some of them take a look and see if they can make a 5.1 os or better??? just and idea if it dont work delete this post

The lack of future upgrades and support concerns me. Such a reasonably good product and no one to follow through.

And still some issues are left without any remedy

i havnt used a sim card in my watch as of yet but i am planning on it… any problems that u guys are referring to that i should be aware of?? im in usa and have a x5

For my finow x5 Im having problem with the bluetooth connection.till now i cant connect it with my mobile. it says cannot communicate with the device.

i have x5 my bt works pretty good

ive connected speaker headphones mouse and keyboard

loki thank you very much for your info… ive only been using it on wifi and bt and havnt really had any issues except wifi turning off every now and then… and i dont use that companion app it doesnt seem to work all that well at all

For me i really dont know what to do anymore.the watch helper on my mobile always ask me to select device even i already select. it just go back from previous screen and ask me to select again.the wifi has no issue it is just the BT.

And by the way: GPS on the x5 is not working at all.

My X5’s GPS is working fine

My x5’s gps is ok

Without using WLAN/GSM? Just plain GPS?

2/3G, BT, WIFI and GPS all on

Then you are NOT using the GPS, you are using WLAN and 3G for location. Turn off everything except GPS and you’ll see

It’s internet assisted GPS just like my Note 4. I turn off my GPS all my apps that require location requests GPS switched on. It does exactly the same thing with my watch; I can download a offline map of my area an it works! So it works for me. I’m sorry it’s not working for you.