So I've made some modifications to the watch face inspired by Opulence Black ops

So I’ve made some modifications to the watch face inspired by Opulence Black ops for android wear. I Don’t know who the original creator of this version was, but he did a very awesome job setting up this thing.

The original watch for android wear (that i’m sure shares assets with this) can be found here

This was made using assets from @Frank_Dufaux I’m sorry if any confusion has occured. I did not make these assets, only arranged them accordingly.

The different color are always a good thing. It would be great if the clockskin were interactive and you could change color by click somewhere on the face like androidwear I think

That would be nice indeed. I’ve got some ideas that may help with interactive clocks and such, but I still haven’t got my smartwatch yet. Not sure how well it’s gonna go with battery life as well.

this is an amazing job. downloading…

it look so nice
i cant download the file
can u make direct link for it thx alot

thanks for making it this is a good community

I have tried to download them but i cand even on my pc or phone
I used to download other faces normally from Google drive
But this one on dropbox so i cant download it and dont know why
Any help please

I got it and make the download
Any way thanks alot for your great effort

Sorry about that, I’ll try google drive next time, but there’s no reason why drop box won’t work.

I downloaded it succefully with my smartphone. In order to download you must have a dropbox account, when you click on download, dropbox ask you to login, then you can download in a directory of your dropbox (so you don’t download it really, but copy it in a directory of your dropbox online). From there you can download it.

Very nice work :slight_smile:

You don’t really need to log into (or even have) a dropbox account. The first time you hit download it wants you to login. Close that box and hit download a second time. Your download will start. Not very professional of Dropbox to make you think you need an account just to download.

Yes. Know that you said that I tryed without login and it dowload anyway. Good to know!

Thank you all for your comments i really find this community very helpful and u all doing great job