So! guys I'm using my K9 3G for about 3 weeks.

So! guys
I’m using my K9 3G for about 3 weeks. I have a big problem with my Bluetooth connection. Isn’t that great! When my phone disconnects from Bluetooth if not in range or for some other reason, the watch it doesn’t connect automatically if I’m near my phone. And manual connection is super annoying. It works when the watch wants. I have to enter the phone app Watch Help every time it disconnects, and I’m pushing connect for more than 10 min. Ah, the watch needs to have the screen on, if not it will not connect.

Can anyone help me fix this!

Hi! It’s the same issue for No1 D5 (I think it’s related to the Android 4.x.x Bluetooth issue) and maybe the hardware related to Bluetooth is not the best available. Anyway, I’m using Tasker to put off and on again Bluetooth on the watch, launch Watchhelper and Launcher in that order to regain phone - watch connection. And even though, there are times (1 out of 5) when it’s not connecting. With Swaplink the re-connection is much better, but Swaplink is harder battery consumer, so I prefer the pre-installed Watchhelper. Kind regards!

On the D5 wartch face, swipe up to see the bluetooth button and turn it off then on. Then on your phone, you can launch watchhelper to connect. If that doesn’t work, kill watchhelper and start it again.

@Eric_Crochemore I agree! But all that actions are done manually. In my case, I’m talking about automatic reconnection.

Interesting, i will look at it.