Snoopy Xmas Postcard V1 & V2

Been awhile since I’ve been able to have any time to make a watchface, left alone to upload one since the holiday season has started…started this well over a month ago and worked on it little by little and even made a second version…now it’s done.

Found a old snoopy postcard image and built up around it and made a different version…each has custom hands with a Snoopy/Woodstock bowl sleigh second hand. Enjoy…

Version 1


Version 2


Credits -, Charles M. Shulz -Wikipedia, Second hand image

FYI - got image on 11/22/2022 and now can not found where I got this from but it is the background image itself…

Snoopy Postcard

Dropbox Link - Snoopy Xmas Postcard V1 & Snoopy Xmas Postcard V2


Very nice done. Thank you! :handshake:


You have been busy :grin: . Thanks