Snoopy Omega Moonswatch, New Moon

Like the Full Moon model, this watch also has a moon phase visible on the dial. Two years after the start of the legendary collaboration with Omega, Swatch is launching not just one, but two non-limited models with the moon as the central theme. To celebrate the new moon, the New Moon model features a black moon phase disk with an equally black, but semi-transparent mask. I was a bit concerned about portraying this semi-transparency. A translucent layer doesn’t work because it doesn’t create a frosted glass effect. However, I finally found a good solution.
One difference from the white version is that Omega has rotated the mask by 90 degrees in this version. This means that Snoopy is visible during the new moon and when the moon is full he shimmers through the semi-transparent aperture.

As usual, I will add a version for Universal Launcher with a better moonphase soon.

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Download for Stocklauncher: - Google Drive

Download for Universal Launcher: - Google Drive




UL version added. It features a more precise moon phase with 36 frames.

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