Snglrty - Derived - Perhaps - form Singularity

This one now works as it should due to the help and insight of @vladimir_lutzu Minutes appear within the circular end of the hour hand…




I think your answer is here. 2 variants, UL and SL. Please try them
LinkUL: untitled - Google Drive
LinkSL: untitled - Google Drive


I think the name of the company comes from “SINGULARITY”

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Yes, I assumed that as well…

These may work correctly if the auto rotation direction is reversed, even so I cannot understand what you did to resolve my dilemma since the SL.xml file was not included. Can you re-post with the missing file?

First, it works correctly or not?

Appears the minutes are running backwards

The minutes at the autorotation must be set as the HOUR but counterclockwise with a multiplication of 11

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Thank you, I’ll give it a try!

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Ok, let me know

YES! You’re not only a design genius, but problem solver as well!

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It works!

Indeed it does… I was thinking of creating a blue version as well