Smiley Miley So here’s my version of a face where the left eye

Smiley Miley
So here’s my version of a face where the left eye looks at the hour and the right eye looks at the minute. I then thought I’d have the tongue pointing at the second. For some reason this line of thinking lead me to Miley Cyrus. Not that I’m really a fan, it’s just that she comes to mind when one thinks of tongues :stuck_out_tongue:
Every 5 seconds she sticks out her tongue to point to the current second. I also added a few other facial expressions.
It’s actually really difficult to tell the time just by looking at the eyes, so I hung some numbers as earring bling. I did each digit separately so I could get them touching and angled differently to give a jangly feel. I also blanked out the leading 0 on the hour because I think it reads better as 1-9 instead of 01-09
As her eyes move around, her eyebrows raise and lower to match. At the times when she’s looking up she’s wearing eyeshadow, which gradually changes colour. (and she occasionally sees stars)
And finally she has a different hair style for every day of the week. The picture shown here is a selection of various days/times.
I’ve made it take up the full square, so that it will work for the Q1 watch as well. The simulator is good for seeing all the combinations of sec/hr/min/weekday
This gives quite a few combinations so that you’ll never be bored with the many changing faces of Miley Cyrus (and Hannah Montana).
As usual Miley raises a few eyebrows. I hope she doesn’t mind this treatment, hey it’s an homage :wink:
Ok, this project got a bit out of control, I just kept adding stuff and spent a lot of time on the artwork, I have to stop now.

LoL … great idea … cool

Good job… :stuck_out_tongue:

How about a wrecking ball pendulum?

Poor Miley :slight_smile:

Oh this is crazy fun! She even licks her nose every minute. Renders well on the [square] watch, too. Bravo!

Great idea :clap:

@Andrew_Somers I’ve been looking for a fun video to toss up in the Channel Trailer area for new viewers to SWT, and this skin is perfect! I lined up four watches and let her do her thing. Enjoy your efforts in action:

Video looks gr8, love it.
When thinking about releasing this one I was concerned about rights to use her image. I figured it was OK since I’m not making money from it. Some of the graphics are from other women, so it’s actually now more of a generic face. Anyway I‘m sure she has a sense of humour and as I said it’s an homage

@Andrew_Davis gr8 idea for the wrecking ball, I might swing one in the background. But I’ve spend too much time on this already. I have lots of other ideas that I want to do

@Andrew_Somers Poetry in motion… :slight_smile:

You Andrew guys are so incredible creative

@Hans_Mulder As we live on opposite sides of the Globe we are able to deliver a true round the clock 24/7/365 service… :wink: