Smartwatch with Bluetooth Headset Pairing

I am trying to pair Bluetooth Headset with simple smartwatch for making calls . When the Bluetooth is connected after sometime i receive “disconnected message” splash on the main screen but checked from bluetooth setting in the smartwatch still shows connected ? when connected call rings in the smartwatch but no ringtone is heard in the Bluetooth headset ?

Can anyone please guide …?

Simple Smartwatch Bluetooth Version : 4.0

V8 Bluetooth Headset Version : 4.0 or 4.1 (not sure)
Bluetooth Headset V8

It would be most helpful if you would identify the specific devices you are talking about. The more information you provide the better chance someone can assist you, because your explanation is a bit confusing.

updated it…if you can please assist … Thanks!

Thanks for the link. This is not a Full Android Watch, that basically are Android Phones with Sim Cards and full Google support. This forum supports only these full android watches. I doubt if anybody on this forum is familiar with the Simple Smartwatch and how it functions thus cannot help you. Sorry.

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