SmartWatch Ticks ​ why did they make take down your zeblaze teardown ,

@SmartWatch_Ticks ​ why did they make take down your zeblaze teardown , I thought it was good especially the part where the glass scratches so easily. I don’t think they could even call this scratch resistant, I think it’s a scratch looking to happen.

They didn’t take the video down. I did!

The scratched glass at the end actually turned out to be a very perfectly applied plastic screen protector. Once I lifted it up I could see the Gorilla Glass underneath. I tested it, and it’s the read deal. I couldn’t leave the video up that way, and I couldn’t edit it in place, so I removed it, added an ending explaining everything and tried to repost it. That’s where YouTube wouldn’t let me repost because I had deleted it! Go figure.

Anyway, I’m going to take out all that scratching plastic stuff and just show the real Gorilla Glass so the watch looks as good as it really is. If I change it enough hopefully I can re-upload it tomorrow.

That was pretty scary seeing how easy it was to scratch. I just couldn’t believe it, so I got a monocular and looked real close. Most perfect application I have ever seen.

Ahhh my kw88 was the same , as I was taking of that protector I thought I had scratched it, so good call on that.

lol - must admit, I did wonder what happened :slight_smile:
By the way @SmartWatch_Ticks ​ I have never removed the straps so I couldn’t answer your question…

OK, it’s all explained at the end of the new posting, at about the point where I yell, “Stop!” (about 25 minutes in).

Great video SWT :slight_smile: