Smartwatch form

Guys what do you think which form of smartwatch better? Square or Rounded?
Me personally think that sqaure is best cause rounded are not comfortable to use some of applications like facebook.
I like my kospet prime2 but as I mentioned above I am starting to regret of prime 2 purchase
Plus this wake up mode in prime are pain…

Its personal choice but if you go rectangular the Ticris Max S is superb . Running android 7.1.1 and great for running .

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What about lokmat appllp?

We have made our position on A9 watches clear :+1:

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I have sent my Max S back but I am really looking forward to getting a new one asap.


64 year old eyes here, so readability is key. That leads me to the largest square (or rectangular) that I don’t mind wearing all the time. I tried a large round one and quickly returned it. I liked the spec’s on Rogbid Brave Pro 1.69-Inch IPS Screen 4G Smart Watch(SIM Card)4GB RAM+64GB ROM , disappointed it’s not offered in a square formfactor.

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I must admit I prefer the rectangular watch but so far none have been right for me. The Lem 4 Pro was ok but the screen was poor. The ticwris max and max s both have the same issue for me in that if the strap breaks then the watch is useless

So I use the prime 2 and although it’s round it does everything I need

Until a watch is released that’s like the max s and had replaceable straps