Smartwatch Cryptocurrency Mining!

I do not advise anyone run crypto mining apps on their android devices. The stress on the hardware may be too much to attempt without really knowing what you are doing.

That said… Crypto mining on the Kospet Prime 2 = Creating digital money on your wristwatch. Looks like the hardware needs to improve or the requirements to mine need to be scaled down for android devices. Isn’t this something everyone would like to be able to do?

Crypto mining on a smartwatch. That makes a lot of sense in my eyes. Just like the integrated toaster with the new “SMS to Toast” technology…


While it is interesting to see what is theoretically possible on those devices (mobile games falls into a similar category), you will very quickly reach the boundaries based on the form factor which makes it very tedious to use.

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I can confirm my P2 does toast bread perfectly with no hardware issues at all :+1: . To get my toast " golden brown " i insert a sim . Turn on wifi and gps and install the AOD app .