Smartwatch appsj

Here are some apps that I installed, tried and found working and useful for my Smartwatch. You can try them, if you wish to, or integrate them in your watchface design by adding shortcuts that point to these apps… Just sharing…


SoundSeeder syncs up your music playback on multiple phones. Connect your devices via WiFi and listen to your favourite music together with your friends. All connected devices become one large soundsystem. (Party Mode & Wireless home audio)
The app includes more than 25,000 Radio Stations and supports Google Music account, Spotify*, dlna, mp3 and more…

*** Tried & tested. I like streaming musics from my phone to my Prime, especially if you dont want to copy all your mp3 collection to your watch but wish you could still hear them from your wrist. Creates also a surround stereo effect if both speakers (phone & watch) are on. I like this app that I even bought and paid for a full-version.

Touch Protector

Touch Protector is a touch disabling app to prevent unintended operations on the touch screen and buttons. This app disables touch operations on the other app which is displayed on the screen. Most customizable and no ads!

*** Tried & tested. More oftentimes you might accidentally touch the watchface and activates watchface selection or shortcuts. This might solve the problem, freezing screen touches while keeping the display o

Blip Blip

Simple time reminder, plays sounds regularly (e.g. every hour) and much more.
Simple time reminder, plays sounds regularly (hourly chime), but can do much more!.
It can be used as a cuckoo clock or mindfulness bell - every time it rings it gives you chance to think what time it is or what you are currently doing.
By default it plays short sound every hour regardless of day or time of day. It can not only beep hourly but also on shorter periods like 30 or 15 minutes. The time signal can be configured for example to limit chime time to specific hours or days, see below for full list of options.

*** Tried & tested. Want your watch to sound beep sounds every hour just like Casio quartz watches, then install this one. Small file only.

SOS Alert

SOS Alert is an emergency app which helps you out whenever your safety is at risk by reaching out to your emergency contacts and providing them with your current location.

*** Tried & tested…functions as described. Good for sending emergency SMS messages in max of two touches.

SMS to phone/mail auto redirect

An application that allows you to synchronize SMS on multiple devices
Cross-device synchronization or transfer of SMS — app that enable the user to sync texts (SMS) across multiple devices (such as between phone and laptop.

*** Tried & tested. Lets you forward received text messages from your phone and vice-versa. Good if you want to always monitor incoming messages from your phone, either all messages or from a particular contact. SMS charges from provider applies.


Transfer & share all kinds of files
Quickly share images, videos, music, apps, and files between mobile devices anytime and anywhere you want, you can shareit all.
Share files without the Internet
Transfer files without using mobile data or connecting to the network at all. Free of network connection. Free of internet. Free of mobile data.
Lightning fast speed
ShareMe transfers files really fast, 200 times faster than Bluetooth.
Transfer files between all Android devices
All Android devices are supported! Use the preinstalled version of ShareMe on Mi Devices or simply download the app from Google Play.

*** Tried & tested. Alternative way of transferring files/whole folders between your Smartwatch & phone via WiFi connectivity.


Walkietooth allows to establish a full duplex communication channel between two Android devices, letting them to communicate for all the time needed, better than having two walkie talkies.
You may use it as baby monitor, or to communicate easily on motorcycle, during sport or in all the activities in which direct communication is not easy.

*** Tried but haven’t fully tested yet. With this app, you can communicate with another Android Smartwatch or phone (must be installed on both), thru WiFi connectivity as transmission medium. Live Sounds & Videos can be transmitted, just like zoom or google duo. But for free…that’s because you’re using Direct WiFi or WiFi tethering.