Smart watch Kingwear kc10

Hello, I swear to Jesus Christ, tell me how should I install this new skin on my watch, should I install it from the local update section or not, please help

Are you trying to update the firmware or install a clockskin ?

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I don’t know about which skin you are talking about. Could you offer a photo?


He’s already posted about this but doesnt respond

Read the edits at top , very confusing post mate ?

I mean the new watch face, how do I install the watch face?

Look the video posted above.

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On YouTube, I saw a movie in which the Caspian Prime watch comes with a message from the notifications section, then it installs it to 100%, then it restarts, then touching the watch faces works like a date or a heartbeat. Why does my watch not receive an update notification?

Maybe there’s not any update.

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He told me that he didn’t have a computer. But an android mobile, so “clockskin transfer” should work for him.
I will upload it later.

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Can I install an update from this WatchFace section or I can not

This post comes in this update that I am going to install and update WatchFace

Please upload a new update file for me

Sorry, we can’t send an update to your watch. If there is an update available, you will see it on your watch. Some Updates can be flashed manualy, but you told me that you don’t have a computer, so this is not an option.
Could you link the Video? I’m still not 100% sure that I fully understand your problem. But I would like to help.

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looks like this video: Recommended 2020 Edition: How to Setup a New Android Smartwatch, Including Firmware Updating (PRIME) - YouTube

@Majid_Z, are you looking for this specific watch face?:
or just for the ability to have watch faces with touch points?
or something else?

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Yes, I’m looking for the same watch face

I want the touchpad tool points to work

God be pleased with you, only during this time did you realize my request, please help me

looks like that watchface is a paid one by @Al_Rod called Apple4FaceTouchAR. You can ask him about it here: CONTACT/ Download | alrod (

I’m sure G1N or Andy will be able to tell you whether or not touch points will work on your watch

Ok, I downloaded the kingwear kc10 firmware (KC10_V1.5_B_20191111) to my Kospet Prime. I can now confirm that Tapaction is working on this firmware.
So you can ask Alrod to get this face, it will work on your device.


Hi. It does a 2020 update manually, but has already received an update file