Smart touch pro link

Any1 can give smart touch pro app link pls cant find on play store

Search APK link…

I could not find it in the usual places I use. Like Apk.pure and several others. It appears to have disappeared from the face of the earth? Another reason why it is prudent to backup your apps on your computer or using App Backup and Restore app on the device.

In old version of play market it shows what you have installed on other devices now UI changed I can’t find it

If you have it installed on another device you can use App Backup and restore to create a copy. Then transfer the app to any other device via a computer or other file transfer app.

Right now I don’t have installed on any device :sob::sob::sob:

While I can not vouch for the site, Google show this:

If this is a site violation, please delete.

Hope this helps.

Thnx a lot but I found this in billing history section

I accidently taped on touch lock now I can’t use screen what I can do??

When you go to that link, for me it shows as installed. When I tap “Installed” to install, say on another device, it says “Item not available.”

I just checked the link and got this:

Not sure why you got something different.

Unfortunately I’m of no help on this. When I used this app, I immediately removed this.

The link I was referring to previously was the “Download” link after you go to that page you listed. That link took me to the app page in the play store. It is already installed on my devices so it showed “Installed.” When I clicked on the Installed icon is when it said item no longer available. I also went to the developers web site shown in the app and it showed, “could not be found.”

That’s good to know for future reference. I stopped using the app when my Optimus 2 went into bootloop. It was either STP or Button Mapper that caused me some issues, so I just stopped using them. Too bad since I supported the STP developer, I was hoping for A10 improvements.